Team #37 at Varney International Speedway on June 6, 2020

It was another great weekend of racing on Del’s anniversary weekend. Just 2 years ago Del took the track for the first time. He had no experience, no practice, and no knowledge of this thing called racing. From scratching half of his first seasons races that summer to slowly gaining confidence and figuring out just how his car works he was taking off by the end of the season.
Now fast forward to just 2 years later now 9 years of age and keeping up every week to the winning driver. Del shows passion and drive for the race life!
Last nights races were intense….
And these boys were all eager to race.
Del started in 3rd in the first race and with the first few laps 88 was in the infield and 23 was into turn 4. We are very thankful 23 was not seriously hurt and fingers crossed he will be back next week. Ryder of 88 than was able to finish the race with the others and did an amazing job, way to go bud! Del took 2nd place and than another 2nd place in the next feature, He fought hard to keep up with 63!!! 3 week of racing and 6 2nd places that’s amazing

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