Goal of raising $100,00 in race winnings

This year; 2022 Marvin, Del & Ben Freiburger raced their way to the Goal of Raising $100,000.00 in Race Winnings to Give Away to Individuals with Serious Illness & to Easter Seals.

Race Team #37 started in 2010 & now 13 years later has WON a Total of $100,312.83!!!  Check out the pictures attached.

Many individuals over these years have benefited from our race winnings because we give Direct to the Individual needing the help.  These individuals have used the money for Fuel, Parking, Meals & other Fees related to distant hospital visits.

Other individuals who have benefited from our Winnings are KIDS affiliated with EASTER SEALS.  A huge boost to a child who is disabled is the ability to go to Camp for 2 weeks in the Summer.  A portion of our Winnings was & continues to be used to send kids to Camp & to purchase machinery or mobility products to help improve a disabled child’s chances of living a normal life.

We are Sincerely Thankful to the Owners of Sauble Speedway, Full Throttle Speedway, Sunset Speedway, Flamboro, Delaware & Peterborough Speedways for allowing our whole Race Team #37 to have so much fun raising this much money although at times it has been a Real Challenge!!  We are also incredibly Thankful to ALL of the members of our Race Team over these years, our Families and YOU our SPONSORS for the immense support of our cause J

Life Lesson Learned:  WE are Challenged in our Daily Lives BUT Children with Disabilities & Individuals with Serious Illness have a Daily Deeper Challenge & we are Happy that we can & have helped.

Marvin, Del & Ben – Race Team #37


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