Helping others

On Sunday October 30, 2022 it was a Beautiful day to GIVE a much needed Donation to a 10 year old boy named Tyler Sidle who just recently was diagnosed with numerous Vision Disorders.  He needs to undergo a Comprehensive Functional Binocular Vision Assessment which is very costly!

If Vision Therapy is required his Family will also require some Financial Assistance with these costs as well.  His Optometrist says his vision & symptoms will only get worse with time.

In the Picture Attached of the Donation:  Team #37; Back L to R:  Marvin, Angela & Abrianna Freiburger, Tamikah & Ella Reinhart, Alexis & Rebecca Freiburger, Jamie & Ryker Reinhart, Laci, Jenna & Ben Freiburger.  Front L to R:  Del Freiburger giving the Donation to Tyler, Marley & Chris (Mom & Dad) Sidle.

Tyler is first cousin to Abrianna.  Her family of 8 Show their Support to their first cousin Del for his Generous & Giving heart.

Life has it’s Challenges but when we are faced with a serious health issue … that is a much Deeper Challenge and we are Happy that we could help Tyler today.

Race Team #37 – Marvin, Del and Ben Freiburger


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