In December 2013 Marvin came away from the Sauble Speedway Banquet with 4 Trophies, 2 Plaques and won $7,665.00 for Easter Seals.  Another $2,101.86 was raised from the sale of T-shirts, Soft Footballs, Frisbees and Donations.  In total $9766.86 was donated to Easter Seals on Monday November 25, 2013.  Charlene Myke; Development Manager for Easter Seals came from Barrie and picked up the cheque…it was a proud moment!
The Trophies were for 2 Feature Wins, Most Sportsmanlike Driver and 4th Place in Points.  The first Plaque was to Thank our Company; Marvin Freiburger & Sons Inc. for it’s Contribution to a Successful 2013 Racing Season at Sauble Speedway. We did a Sponsorship and built a Dune Buggy for the track to use all season. The second plaque was in Recognition of Marvin’s Contribution as Founder & Participant of the Sauble Speedway Driver’s Association.  This Association consists of 5 men who all went to great lengths to make improvements to the Speedway with the Owner; Jason Thom’s approval.

2013 - Marvin's Winnings

List of Racing Accomplishments up to Dec 31, 2012

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