Week 2 at Varney International Speedway

2nd week back to racing and a total change in weather from last week. We were so excited to add another driver this week with Kyle Parker back to the track. Del has been cheering Kyle on since he first step foot on a race track and in 2017 Kyle let Del sit in his car and that was it Del was hooked. Now here they are taking the track together raging side by side. Another fun fact about these 2 Kyle’s grandma Parker and Del’s grandpa Redford are first cousins. ❤️
All 5 drivers sure gave the Facebook fans a show last night, all gunning for that checkered flag. Varney Speedway Facebook page did a live stream from practices to both features and the response was amazing! So stay tuned for next Saturday!
Both features were great fun and all drivers raced with respect and love for the sport. They each show that’s it’s not about the win but about the friendship too. You can often find them watching other races from the stands together.
Del took 2nd place in both features again this week. We couldn’t be more proud of how intuitive he has become with his car and the track and has taken so quickly to this sport.
We can wait to see what’s to come🏁

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