#37 Del Freiburger Races this Saturday in Varney … Papa Marvin has the 27th off!

Hey Everyone:  #37 Del Freiburger is racing this Saturday at Sauble Speedway in his Junior Late Model.  We are off this Saturday July 27 … so not racing until the following Saturday August 3, 2019.  Our Grandson Del will also be racing that evening in his Junior Late Model.  Del started out this year being in a 4th-5th position and has moved up to 3rd … he has been sling shotting off the starts and has improved immensely over his rookie year – last year!  Marvin has Won ALL 5 Features at Sauble Speedway and will be looking for his 6th win on August 3.  We are looking at a banner year of Winnings which will ALL go to Individuals with Serious Illness and Easter Seals!!

We hope you will join us for ALL of our races in August (every Saturday night ) as we RACE toward the Championship Night on August 24, 2019.  Until then; have a Wonderful but SAFE Summer 🙂

Ang & Marv


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