Opening Night at Sauble Speedway May 17, 2014


Opening Night Sauble Speedway 2014

Opening Night Sauble Speedway 2014

Hey Race Fans, we didn’t get off to a great start last Saturday Night, BUT that certainly didn’t stop us from having some fun. While running some practice runs prior to race time a valve blew in the engine.  Unfortunately that put racing for #37 to a stop. Shawn McGlynn was gracious in offering his #37 car to us to race for the evening. All was not lost! It wasn’t OUR #37 BUT it was a #37 non the less. We were able to get points for the evening, have some FUN and our fans were still cheering in the stands. A HUGE THANK YOU to Shawn McGlynn, ALL our SPONSORS, VOLUNTEERS and FANS for coming out. A special THANK YOU to Charlene Myke, Development Manager for Easter Seals Kids who also made the trip from Barrie and last but not least one of our very best cheerleaders, Natalie.  Thanks so much for coming out!

Best Cheerleader!

Best Cheerleader!

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